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Dream Team

Dear Al and Taya - thank you so much, from the bottom of our hearts, for making all of our home dreams come true!  

You always go above and beyond to help and take care of our family.  We appreciate and commend your work ethic, character and drive.  You're a dream team, and we are lucky to know you! 
 - The Nyhuses, 2020 

Bought one of Al Theisen's remodels

Al is a true professional and his houses have every detail well thought out. His personal service is outstanding and we are thrilled to have purchased one of his homes! - Chris W, 2020


Al + Taya, 
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you both for having my back through the entire process of purchasing my home.  The extra steps did not go unnoticed.  From negotiating when the Seller wanted to nickel and dime a few extra thousand dollars, to the extra showing when my brother was in town, and even cutting the grass when the closing was delayed and the seller was letting it go to h*ll.  These little things went a very long way in a stressful time in my life.  
These acts are all above and beyond and I want to say I truly appreciate them.  This along with excellent communication, trust and truly listening to my needs along with exceeding them, makes you both the best I have worked with.  I wish you both years of future success.  I know deep down that when you treat people the right way good things come your way and you both have a lot of good coming! 
- Mr. Hipple, 2017 

Taya and Al - One-Stop Delightful Shop

"We first met Al and Taya back in 2009 when we were searching for our first home. We were informed buyers that knew not only what we wanted, but the market pretty well. The realtor we were working with just wasn't cutting it. We met Al at an open house in south Minneapolis, a home that he had redone in great taste making the small one-story efficiently livable and charming. In addition to his good work, we immediately found Al to be a straight shooter that could not only help us find a home, but also modify it from a tear down to small adjustments along the way. So, we hired Al and never looked back! When we found our home shortly after, Al drew up plans to modify the smallish kitchen and the upstairs. While we didn't make those changes right away it was so helpful to have him create that vision for us before we purchased the home - something you generally don't get from your average realtor these days. We stayed in our lovely little home for six years until a job relocated my husband and I to Austin, Texas. From the time I found out I got the job to when we were leaving was about four weeks. There are really no words for how helpful Al and Taya were during this time. They helped us expedite several projects to get our house market ready, managed all of the contract work and invoicing and managed several things after we left town - oh, and most importantly sold our home within four weeks. Oh, and they are just chill and rad human beings. I mentioned it earlier, but I love that they both tell it how it is. There is never any BS, which I appreciate so much. I can't say enough about how helpful these two have been to my husband, and I and should we come back to MSP and buy a home, we'll call Al and Taya."

- The Grimm's, 2015

The Kelly's

"My experience working with Al Theisen Renovations was first rate. From selling our previous home to guiding us through our new design build, I always felt at ease. It's clear to me what drives these two is their desire to have satisfied customers. When we had an unexpected leaky pipe hours before an open house Al immediately had one of his plumbers come to our rescue. He and Steve also seemed to be on call 24 hours during our design build. Unlike other contractors I've dealt with they actually returned emails and phone calls within one day, usually within an hour. It's this type of customer service that really sets them apart. Without a doubt Al and Steve are the best contractors/realtors I've ever worked with."

Fulton sale, 2013

"Al and Taya,

I wanted to take a second to drop a note of thanks for all your efforts on behalf on selling [our] house. You guys were both super professional, incredibly helpful, and most of all, optimistic throughout. We really, really appreciate it.

You're at the top of the list whever anyone asks for realtor/remodeler recommendations anywhere in the cities."

The Okar's, 2013

"Al helped us remodel the kitchen in our first home. Together we created an open, functional and beautiful EIK which was a major selling point when we recently put the house on the market. One of the benefits of house hunting with Al is his contracting experience because he can rovide on-the-spot estimates for pre-occupancy up-grades and add-ons.

Al’s calm patience and wry humor were appreciated while he drove us between showings, pointing to the homes he had improved throughout the neighborhoods of south MPLS. He shoveled near-record Minnesota snow [while our house was on the market] and adjusted the staging throughout the winter. It paid off. We recently closed the sale of the home.

We most enthusiastically endorse and recommend Al Theisen for all your realty needs."

Ms.Fitzer 2012

"Hi Al and Taya - just wanted to thank you again for all of your assistance in selling the house. I envisioned it to be a long and painful process and it was neither. The processes you have put in place work so well from beginning to end. I always felt updated and informed and your staff does an excellent job. It was a fantastic experience and I wish I could shout it from the rooftops.

Thanks again from the bottom of my heart."

- J. Fitzer, 2012

The Hohe's 2008

"We're so happy with the house and really enjoyed the process of working with you on it! Thank you for everything! You worked with us so much and that's not always easy!"

The Burgmaier's, 2008

"In describing the experience of working with Al Theisen Renovations, the entire process was very smooth, from the initial planning stage to the final touches. Al had many great ideas, yet was always open to incorporating our personal needs and desires into the project. We were impressed with the work and friendliness of each of the sub-contractors that helped with the home....Looking back there is very little we would change....We felt the speed and efficiency of the entire process was amazing! We were overjoyed to move into our new home within four months of starting the renovation project....Al Theisen Renovations was accurate in pricing and estimates, with the finished project completed on budget, including many upgrades/additions not factored into the initial estimate. We appreciated Al's willingness to pass on savings to us, such as giving us the contractor pricing at various vendors. We were pleased to have the project completed in such a timely manner....We would highly recommend the Al Theisen Renovations team to others. The quality of the product we got was notably superior to comparable properties in Southwest Minneapolis. Not to mention, the friendliness of Al, Steve, and Taya to work with."

2009 Design/Remodel

“Al and Taya,

Thank you for helping us find such a great house and then for turning it info such a terrific place to live. And we’ve enjoyed having the [before and after] photos to show everyone the process. Thank you again!”

The Sistermans 2009

"We were just talking about you two and how good you were to help us in helping us to get this place. We're so happy with it. Most of all we were reflecting on how mildly in shock we were that you provided such a great "safety net" for us that completely freed us up to look for a new place without the over concern of selling ours. How many realtors/builders would do that? My guess is NONE! You guys are "super special" and thanks again for all your help."

The Oatmans 2009

Al and Taya -

“Thanks for everything! Kristy and I would like to write a letter of recommendation to express our appreciation for your hard work, friendship and overall excellence in how you both operate your business.”

The Orschels 2009

Al and Taya,

“Thank you for helping us find such a great house and then for turning it into such a terrific place to live. And we’ve enjoyed having the photos to show everyone the process.”

The Florells 2009

Dear Al and Taya – -

“….Just wanted to thank you again for the enormous effort you put into selling my house – cannot express what a relief it is to have that behind us. We’ve already recommended you guys to several people.”

Thanks again.

Mr. Brosa, 2010

"Al and Taya went out of their way numerous times throughout our first time home buying process... extraordinary response to all forms of communication. More importantly they took the time to understand our needs and wants and put us in a position to find the right home for us! Very few, if any, professionals operate efficiently and effectively as Al and Taya. Much appreciated."

The Benders, November 2007

"Al paid for staging of our home to put on the market. Helped us install another light and clean windows. Always available. Seriously, there were many nights when he would be by after 8 pm when our son was in bed so we could chat. Fought hard for us negotiating our new house. Because he also does remodels, he used his contractors to build a deck and fence for our new house within 1 week (before the ground froze). It was for a really, really reasonable cost. It was $10,000 less than it would have been for us to hire someone.

Great! I don't think I've ever said I LOVE a person I do business with, but Al and Taya were really extraordinary. They are great people, a joy to work with during the uneasy home selling period, provide first class service, AND Al's construction experience was immensely helpful for us. I highly recommend him and his wife Taya."

Linda Muehlbauer, 2008

Song written and performed by Linda Muehlbauer, used by permission:

"I like a man who can list my house, who can fix my house,

Who can help me buy one too, that's what I like about you.

I like a man who can make it happen, who can get some traction

When the buyers are far and few, that's what I like about you.

You can be sweet, yea you can be tough, making other realtors life real rough.

Everything you do you do so well, but when do you sleep? I can tell.

I like a man who can fix my house, trap a mouse, crawl through mud, explain a HUD

And still keep his cool, that's what I like about, can't sell my house without

That's what I like about you!"

Mr. Grabowski, 2007

"I recently purchased and sold my home having hired Al Theisen and Taya Rotering. I can give them a very high recommendation based upon their efforts to sell my home. They were patient and honest. I felt also that they went the extra steps needed to get my wife and I the home we wanted at the price we could afford. Please consider them as a useful asset to buying or selling a home."

The Berstlers, 2011

"We [are] convinced more than ever that you guys are one of the best teams to do home business with in the cities. To think that you did a project of our magnitude on budget on time with very few surprises (which were timely and openly communicated) seems pretty amazing to us. We'll continue sending our friends your way!"

The Best's, April 2007

Dear Al and Taya,

"Thank you so much for helping us build our "dream home". We feel so fortunate to have met you and worked with you. You make a talented team and should be very proud of your work. We can't say enough good things....we are so grateful.

We can't say enough good things about Al (and Taya). He is not only honest, trustworthy and a talented builder but also always on time and on budget. We loved working with him and love our new home. We did not have one disagreement with him because he kept us in the process all along.

We have been in our home for six months now and he is still going above and beyond to tie up any loose ends that have come up after we moved in.

….I do not have a single negative thing to say about the whole process. It was great and we hope to do another home down the road with them. It was a great investment so far.”

The Corbett's, March 2007

"Al & his wife, Taya, helped us sell our home to a builder. The experience was very positive. I'm impressed that they were able to find a buyer offering a respectable price for our home within weeks when many people have been on the market for months, or have had to dramatically reduce price in order to sell. The real estate work is only part of what Al Theisen Renovations performs. They also build/remodel homes and do amazing work. We have seen some of the homes in person and would highly recommend checking out their work if you're in the market to buy, sell, or remodel your home."

The Baliaticos '06

I would describe working with Al Theisen Renovations as " excellent experience and a true example of trust and cooperation...the service and product were as promised, on schedule and on budget.....the building and designing process was fast, easy and flexible....the best thing about working with Al was that I never felt concerned or worried."

The Jensens '06

"[We] want to thank you for who you are and all of the work that was put into helping us find our first home. We are blessed to have you as Realtors and friends. We love our home and have no regrets. Can't say enough about the experience. Thank you again!"

Ms.Shore, '07

"Taya Rotering and Al Theisen are service agents of dreams. In my pursuit of my first home, I was fortunate enough to work with Taya and Al. I'm recommending them for their follow-through, guidance, and strict attention to detail as well as creative problem solving skills. What a great team!"

The Trujillo's, '08

The experience of working with Al Theisen Renovations from start to finish was "Great. Al was very enthusiastic about the project. He was the person who brought the home to our attention and shared his vision with us for the remodel. He personally took the time to create some drawings right away and saw the project through from start to finish. The greatest strength was, I felt: availability, personal touch, [and we] felt Al really cared about the success of the project and meeting our needs. I would highly recommend Al to anyone. He gives great personal, customer service and is really proactive in resolving issues."

Minneapolis StarTribune story about Al Theisen Renovations, published on the cover of Sat, April 28th's Home section:



Last update: April 27, 2007 – 4:28 PM
Growing pains

The sturm und drang around the issue of McMansions is playing out in many urban neighborhoods, but perhaps nowhere are feelings stronger than in Minneapolis' proud and opinionated Linden Hills.

By Gail Rosenblum, Star Tribune

Debating the merits of McMansions has become common in many gentrifying urban neighborhoods, including St. Paul, St. Louis Park, Edina and north Minneapolis, as well as at some popular resorts up north.

One neighborhood where the debate is particularly heated is bucolic Linden Hills, just west of Lake Harriet, where residents, builders and city officials are hammering out zoning changes that proponents say will thwart further proliferation of homes on steroids. These homes aren't just aesthetic eyesores and sun concealers, they say. Less yard space, along with more water draining off massive roofs, can lead to polluting runoff in city lakes.

Others argue that builders aren't driving demand for larger homes -- home buyers who want to live or stay in the city are. And those homes pump healthy property tax infusions into city schools and services. Still others worry that, wherever you land on this one, "Monster Houses Make Bad Neighbors" signs are, well, unneighborly.

Changes to the housing code are expected by late May. In the meantime, we've invited a sampling of those with a stake in this fight to share their views.

The signmaker

DANA MITCHELL, 38, assistant Ramsey County attorney, mother of a 4-year-old daughter. Lives in a 1,600-square-foot house next to a 3,800-square-foot, four-bedroom, four-bathroom house built on spec and selling for $1.15 million. She and her husband, Derek Rodman, 41, shelled out $150 to create 15 "Monster Houses Make Bad Neighbors" signs, which were recently stolen (more are on order), as well as a banner on her home's north side reading: "Enjoy your million-dollar view of our bathroom."I've lived in this house for 12 years, my husband for 14. We took it back to the studs, added tongue-and-groove floors, used the best materials to restore it to its original glory. I encouraged the builder to build the house next door as if he were going to live in it. I think if he lived in the neighborhood, he would have built a different house. But he built it with his pocketbook in mind. There's nothing like looking out my window at a 30-foot towering structure. Also, the arch doesn't pay homage to the neighborhood. [Regarding the signs:] A few neighbors have given me funny looks, but they're still my neighbors. I want to be a good example for my daughter. If you don't believe something is right, then do something about it."

The sign opposer

DEBBIE BAGLEY, 50, Linden Hills resident since 1981. Lives in a three-bedroom, 1,800-square-foot rambler. Hates the "monster house" signs.

"Last week, I drove by their signs and I thought, 'You know, what this is is just so unfriendly. These signs are so bad for Linden Hills.' Linden Hills used to be called Cottage City because a lot of these homes were built for summer living. They weren't going to last 100 years anyway. We need diversity in housing just like in people. I don't really like walking into a neighborhood where everything looks the same. If people want covenants, there are neighborhoods that have covenants. But Minneapolis isn't about that. It should be welcoming and accepting, in moderation. But the signs put an edge on it. How would you like to be the neighbor moving in there?"

The big-house builder

CHUCK KAPPES, 48, owner, Kappes Construction, which is building the home next door to Mitchell. He and his wife, Stephanie, 42, a real estate agent, have eight children and live in Carver.

"This is my first spec house. Great start. No one's really talked to us. We really don't know what set them off. This house wasn't a surprise. And, at 29 feet high, it more than meets the current height restriction of 35 feet. Our goal is to have the home finished by the end of April and begin showing it in early May. [Regarding the signs:] What do you do? Someone moving into this house won't be concerned about it."

The veteran Realtor

BILL MINGE, 55, Realtor with Edina Realty. Has lived and sold homes in the lakes area for 21 years.

"I have not had an experience of showing a potential tear-down lot where those signs are up. The signs are really directed at the homes, not at potential buyers. But I'd feel a little bit like the buyers would wonder, 'Maybe it's not a good idea. Maybe the neighbors would resent us.' Linden Hills has always had a really strong sense of community and a pride in a real diverse population economically. There are still so many small modest postwar homes, ramblers, bungalows, two-stories. If the trend continues over 15 or 20 years, some of that economic diversity could disappear."

Not from here, but want to be

JACQUELINE BALIATICO, 36, recently moved from the East Coast with her husband, Brian Baliatico, 38, who works for Aveda. They have two young children. Their home in southwest Minneapolis was once an 800-square-foot bungalow. With additions, it's close to 3,000 square feet, with four bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, a family room and mud room, office, open and airy kitchen, laundry room upstairs, two decks and a new detached garage.

"We were looking at houses for a while. Of course, we liked this particular area the best because it was close to actual life outside the house ... tree-lined streets, a pretty neighborhood. The house was nice, but way too small. We lived in a small apartment in New York City, but you have the small-house mentality there. Now, it's about having space.

"The thing I look at is this: Most people who buy these homes and make them their own, as we have, want to stay forever. Two houses down, they tore down an itty-bitty house and are building a huge house. I was, like, 'awesome.' This is just great. It brings everyone else's home values up. I can't imagine how people would be offended by this."

The neighborhood builder

AL THEISEN, 45, home builder, longtime resident of southwest Minneapolis.

"Now that the conversation is getting louder, I have neighbors of my projects who, for the very first time, are putting up [monster house] signs. We need to keep talking to each other. That is how to resolve these issues. On my most recent project, I asked a neighbor for his input on the design of the house.

"A house that's 2,500 square feet above the ground is a reasonable house. There are some builders who start at the front of the lot and go all the way back to the alley. If you're on the north side of one of those structures, you go the whole day without the sun ever hitting your house or yard. Those are the homes people are really afraid of. I don't think the city should allow those homes to be built. I think they should be vintage homes that match the neighborhood.

"But I can relate to where the builders are coming from. When there's a demand and to not do it just on an integrity basis can be hard to do. Up to this point, I've been able to draw the line on the side of integrity vs. money. But I try not to judge others too harshly."

The City Council member

BETSY HODGES, 37, City Council member, 13th Ward, which includes Linden Hills, where she lives. Promised during her campaign that she would sit down with the community and address issues of tear-down properties, which she has done.

"The signs? That's not a choice that I would make personally. I represent everybody in Ward 13, whether they own or rent. I'm glad they're here. I do understand people who feel frustration on both sides of the issue. The folks who say, 'let the market take care of it -- the city's supposed to grow and change' also care deeply. Others care deeply, too, not just about preserving a sense of neighborhood, but also about preserving affordability for a range of incomes. In the proposed new ordinance, there is a lot of room for the development of the kinds of homes people want. The tenor of the debate is one of details rather than concepts."

Gail Rosenblum • 612-673-7350 •

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